15 Days Uganda Safari

Murchison Falls National Park, Kibale Forest National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park


15 days



15 Days Uganda Safari is an amazing adventure safari will take you to different national parks to take part in different activities such as visiting the gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys, and local communities that are at the edge of the park. Learn about the traditions and cultures of some of the unique people like Batooro, Bakiga, Banyankole and Batwa pygmies. Game drives, boat cruises, horseback riding, and primate trekking will be the main activities. Have a wonderful time as you relax at Lake Bunyonyi and then do great photography at the Uganda equator. The national parks that will be visited are Kibale, Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Semlik, Bwindi, Mgahinga and Lake Mburo. This tour also includes spotting the big five animals since you will visit Ziwa Rhino sanctuary.


Tour Itinerary

Arise in the morning, have breakfast and leave Kampala and head to Murchison falls National Park a renowned protected area for hosting the four of the big five animals. It's also the largest protected area in Uganda bisected into two parts by the river Nile. The park gets its name from Murchison Falls which is the strongest waterfall in the world. You will have a stopover at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary for Rhino trekking that will take you about 2 hours and proceed to Murchison Falls National Park arriving in the evening and this will mark the end of the day.

You will begin your day with breakfast and then head for the search of wild animals in the wilderness of Murchison Falls National Park. You will be welcomed by Buffaloes, Elephants, Giraffes, Uganda Kobs, Bushbucks, Jackson hartebeests, Lions, Leopards to mention but. After lunch, you will take a boat cruise which offers a great view of the Murchison Falls from the bottom, and you will be able to spot wild animals like crocodiles and antelopes and other big mammals like elephants will be at the banks of the river, hippopotamuses and water birds as well. After this optical adventure, you will return to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Greet your intestines with a scrumptious breakfast in Murchison Falls National Park and transfer to Kibale National Park a home of 13 primates including the chimpanzees that 98% of blood DNA with humans. The road trip will be amazing as you will pass through the forests, Tea plantations, banana plantains and many farm gardens. Reaching Kibale will offer you an opportunity to visit the Isunga cultural Community where the local guide will take you on a community tour as you visit the tea and coffee plantations and learn how the local people grow these cash crops, walk around the Crater Lake and then take part in the processing coffee into powder using local tools. After wards, you will head to the lodge to check-in at the accommodation facility with an option of getting entertained by the local dancers and musicians and these will be Batooro and Bakiga from Isunga Cultural Community Association (ICCA).

Grab a cup of tea/coffee then head to the park headquarters a great time with the chimpanzees for an hour after having walked for some good time in the forest while spotting other attractions like the red colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys and many more. After having a great time with the chimps, head back to the lodge for lunch and which will be followed by a walk in the Magombe swamp mostly called Bigodi swamp. Have a good time spotting the different primates, bird species, reptiles like snakes and many more others. Return to the lodge and this marks the end of the day.

Head to Sempaya hot springs in Semliki national park in Bundibugyo district. This amazing feature is so attractive where by water bubbles at 100 degrees allowing you to boil your food such as eggs, Matooke, and many more. Take a walk through the forest and meet different primates such as the black and white colobus monkeys, baboons, red-tailed monkeys and many more. Head to Fort Portal and visit Amabere Ga’Nyinamwiru caves that have a traditional historical story about their formation but literary they are stalagmites and stalactites. Have a natural shower on Nyakasura falls with the option of hiking to one of the hills known as Mweganywa offering a great view of the surrounding with 3 crater lakes. Head back to Kibale for your accommodation or sleep in Fort Portal.

Head to Queen Elizabeth National Park in Western Uganda and this is the most visited national park in the country-pearl of Africa. This is because of its diverse wildlife such as elephants, buffalos, leopards, warthogs, hippos, crocodiles, migrant bird species such as pelicans and many more others. Arrive and head to the park offices where you will take a game drive with the guidance of the park ranger. Spot different wildlife as you take memories of photos and record videos. Check in the booked accommodation for dinner.

Have a morning game drive to catch up with early raisers such as leopards, cheetahs, lions, spotted hyenas and many more others. Meet other animals like elephants, buffalos, baboons, varvet monkeys and many more. The game drive will last for 2 hours but will be rewarded with great memories. In the afternoon, enjoy the best boat cruise on the Kazinga channel where you will encounter water-loving animals such as hippos and crocodiles. Birds won't be missed including migratory birds that migrate from the Far East and even the rest of Africa. Have a nap at the lodge booked.

Leave Queen Elizabeth National Park and transfer to Bwindi National Park passing through the Ishasha sector homes of the rare tree-climbing lions that are normally seen resting in the tree branches. Other wild animals will be elephants, different antelopes like the Uganda kobs and many more. Pass through the tea plantations and then penetrate the impenetrable forests to the lodge.

Enjoy a delicious breakfast and head for briefing at the park offices where you will be taught the dos and don'ts to follow while in the forest, the proper dress code, and materials you need to have while in the forest and this will commence the experience. You will begin the chance with a help of the park guide and porters that will be carrying your extra luggage. Trekking can last even for 7 hours but this will include an hour with them in their presence and this will create everlasting memories through taking photos and recording memories. After the experience and you will head for lunch at the lodge and then embark on a cultural experience where you will visit the Batwa community. Learn about this unique culture in Africa. This will be through traditional music and dances, tasting the food and many more. Head back to the lodge for your dinner after this great day of adventure.

Leave Bwindi and transfer to Mgahinga national park the smallest national park in the country covering 33 square kilometers. This park is home to the rare primates that is the colobus monkeys and the endangered mountain gorillas. The journey to this park takes about 2 to 3 hours drive from Bwindi. On reaching, have lunch and take another dose of Batwa cultural trail. This time, explore the footsteps of the Batwa in the forest. The Batwa people are known to be the early settlers of the forest and they were evicted due to conservation practices. The Mutwa guide together with the park guide takes you into the forest to discover the caves, herbal plants, roots they used to feed on, hunting tactics and many more others. Head to the lodge for your accommodations.

Have a briefing at park offices and this will be a guiding principle you can follow while in the forest. Among them is the use of the flashlight camera is highly recommended, there is no specific number for trekkers, always keep a distance from the golden monkeys, don't make noise while trekking and many more. Spend an hour in the presence of the gorillas but the overall experience can last for 5 hours. After the experience, you will have leisure time in the evening hours.

Have a good time as you find your way to Lake Bunyonyi known for the small birds as its name suggests. This lake is dotted with 29 islands all having great histories such as punishment island, leprosy Island and many others. Arrive and take a boat cruise which will grant you an opportunity to visit these islands. Swimming on this lake is not recommended since this lake is the second deepest lake in Africa after Lake Tanganyika.

Leave Bunyonyi on a leisure drive after breakfast and transfer to Lake Mburo National Park which will be the last destination to visit. Have a stopover at the Igongo cultural Centre where you will enjoy the traditional dishes for Banyankole, and visit the museum where the Banyankole and Bakiga art pieces are. Proceed to the park which is the smallest savannah but with diverse and unique wildlife such as impalas, zebras and many more. Arrive and head to the lodge for your accommodation.

Have an adventure of horseback riding in the park where you will explore the best of savannahs outside the tourist vehicle. Meet the impalas, elands, buffalos, oribi, Defassa waterbuck, leopard, hippo, hyena, topi and Reedbuck and many more. In the afternoon, take a boat ride safari on Lake Mburo the largest lake in the park and be able to spot crocodiles, hippos and other unique bird species like the fish eagle, kingfishers, hamerkop and many more others.

Have a leisurely breakfast and transfer back to Kampala with a stopover at the Uganda equator for snacks, stretching, photos at the equator point, experiments and even buying some souvenirs. You will then be dropped at the airport after lunch and this will mark the end of 15 days Uganda safari.

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